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FAQ’s for School Discos

Perth’s DJ Specialist for School Discos

Q: Do you hold a Working with Children card?
A: DJ Shaun Lacey holds a current Working with Children card and has been working with P&F / P&C Associations for school discos since 2007.

Q: Do you check music to ensure it is age appropriate?
A: All songs before entering our playlists are checked to ensure they have no bad language or inappropriate lyrics.

Q: What type of music do you play?
A: We have a large selection of music styles in our database. Usually for a school discos we will play the latest dance/chart songs and any requests from the students. Our music library is updated on a regular basis and playlists are tailored to suit the age group for each session.

Q: Do you organise games & activities during the disco?
A: We have a number of fun games that we can organise and are more than happy to discuss these with the School P&F / P&C Committee to include these on the night of the disco.

Q: How much area is needed for the DJ and equipment & power?
A: An area of at least 3 meters x 2.5 meters is required for the DJ area. We also need access to at least two different power points (on separate circuits). This is to avoid any possible overloading or power surges.

Q: How long does it take to set up the DJ equipment?
A: For a standard lighting and DJ package it takes around 2 hours 30 minutes to unpack and set up equipment and perform a safety check.

Q: Do you have a microphone system for announcements?
A: Yes, we have a wireless microphone system available.

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School Discos Perth Party Entertainment